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Are you building a new house or replacing your existing septic system? Do you know who to call or where to find the best deal on expert septic system design, installation or repair?

Lone Pine Corner Septics Inc can meet your septic needs for less.
Whether you need  a new sewer water pump for your septic system, or are looking for expert septic system design for difficult installation circumstances, Lone Pine has the experience and ability to install or repair your system to even the highest standards.

Call us if you need:

We have a great relationship with the county and their inspectors.
If you are struggling with an issue with the county septic inspection, you need to call us first. We've established great relationships with the county and can help you find a cost effective solution to your septic system issue.

Septic Systems for Sellers & Buyers

1. Check County for past history.

2. Make sure there is enough room for a backup (repair area) on property.

3. No county history tells you that the septic systems is older than 1975. Most systems will last 25-30 yrs.

4. Have the septic tanks pumped out and the inside of it checked to see if the inlet & outlet pipes are still there and in good shape. Over the years, the older concrete outlet pipe will crumble away, allowing the sludge to go into the drain field. Also sometimes when pumped out by an inexperienced pumper the outlet can be pulled off, letting sludge out to the drain field. 

We can also help seniors in the completion and filing of all necessary paperwork.

Call Herbert or Mitzie Wilson of Lone Pine Corner Septics Inc at 503-873-7157 for full professional septic system services.

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